Yang’at Community Development Organization

Our Mission

To empower communities through promotion of education and facilitating access to water and health services.

About Yang’at

Yang’at Community Development Organization, formerly Girl Child Potential Sensitization Group (YANG’AT), is a local community-based non-governmental organization. The organization was formed in the year 1999 by a group of college educated Pokot Women. Pokot is a local community in Kenya. 

Yanga’t encourages Pokot girls to pursue education and other co-curriculum activities that will free them from the chains of oppressive and dehumanizing ethnic and cultural traditions like:

– Gender discrimination against girls and women
– Female genital mutilation (FGM)
– Early child marriages

– Forced marriages & rape
– Ignorance & negligence
– Wife battering & wife inheritance

Yang’at means “care” in the local Pokot language. Hence, the organization broadly addresses issues of water, education, health, and sustainable environment. The organization envisions a community that value all children irregardless of their gender. It strives to provide improved  access to water that will allow communities engage in; economic activities, allow girls get better schooling, and offer women with the opportunity to engage themselves in socio-economic activities that gradually improves the living standards of the community in general. Among the founders of the organization was the late Debora Katina.

Our Vision

A leading organization in promoting positive community transformation.


– To facilitate access to clean water and improved sanitation.
– To promote education for all in Pokot.
– To promote health services to the entire community.
– To enhance the institutional capacity of Yang’at.

Core Values

– Selflessness
– Transparency & Accountability
– Team Work
– Integrity
– Stewardship
– Efficiency & Effectiveness


In order to achieve our core objectives and sustain the organization, we offer the following services:

Tents & Chairs Hire

Large tent for upto 100 people
Medium tent for upto 50 people
Bridal tent
Small tent for upto 10 people
Plastic chairs & tables

Conference Services

Hall hire for upto 100 people
Hall hire for upto 50 people

10 O’clock tea
Buffet lunch
4 O’clock tea
Bottled mineral water
Soda (250ml)

Other Services

PA system including generator
Pen and writing materials
Masking tape
Felt pens (assorted)

NOTE: To complete your reservation we require a deposit of 50% of the total cost. The deposit guarantees your reservation. We prefer cash payments, cheques, or direct money transfers. In case of cheques, dully signed LPO or LSO is required a day earlier. Kindly contact to get the payment details along further instructions.

THEME: Philippians 4:13… “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Our Board Chairperson

Job Nyorsok


Our Team Coordinator

Elizabeth Pkukat


Programs Implemented By Yang’at

School safe zone program is an education program being implemented by Yangat community development organization and funded by CWS in west Pokot County. The program seeks for increased enrollment and school attendance by children in primary schools in West Pokot County by creating safe and conducive learning environment which will be achieved through community-wide sensitization including county and community leaderships, Capacity building of School communities, training of teachers on school Safe Zones approach, improvement of physical infrastructure at school and improvement of household income.
Water for Life is water project Funded by CWS and being implemented by Yangat community development organization in West Pokot County. The project seeks to address water and sanitation access challenges in the County through construction of water facilities, improving and building the capacities for communities, and ensure that there is availability and accessibility of water in the community.
Emergency response is an emergency program being implemented by Yangat to respond to emergency issues related to drought in West Pokot County by providing food staffs, cash through community work, building capacity, and improve the living standards of the communities affected to be resilient and overcome such harsh climatic conditions.
  • Yang'at Community Development Organization
    Completed 70 capacity girls dormitory at Kotulpogh Primary School.
  • Yang'at Community Development Organization
    West Pokot County Governor, H.E. John Lonyangapuo during the official launch of Kotulpogh dormitory. Accompanied by County Senator, Hon Samuel Poghisio (Left) and Area MCA.
  • Yang'at Community Development Organization
    Kotulpogh dormitory during the official opening.
  • Yang'at Community Development Organization
    School girls at Kotulpogh Primary School cleaning up their newly built dormitory.

Reach Us

Yang’at Community Development Organization
P.O. Box 417-30600,
Tel: +254726600341
Email: info@yangat.org